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Carolina Sapphire

Cupressus glabra


Carolina Sapphire is a registered cultivar of Arizona cypress. The tree has a natural Christmas tree shape and responds well to cultural practices. Tree shaping allows the toughening of branches and makes them stronger for holding ornaments. The tree has a natural blue-green color and a pleasing citrus-like aroma. The leaves are actually small scales lying along the branch surface.

 There are about 30 cultivars of Arizona cypress. Carolina Sapphire is the most commercially significant cultivar. It was selected by Dr. Roland Schoenike (Professor with the Clemson University Forestry Department) and Marvin Gaffney (Director of Nurseries for the South Carolina Forestry Commission) in 1968 from trees growing on Tom Wright's Tree Farm in Ward, South Carolina. The trees growing at Wright's were produced from germinated wild seed Schoenike had collected from select trees in the Southwest in 1961.  After several years of producing new trees as rooted cuttings the unique characteristics of these plants qualified them for registration by the Royal Horticultural Society (the international authority for the registration of conifer names) as a registered cultivar in 1987.

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